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NEW Marshall JTM Studio MKII ST20C


This new series from Marshall  is a total valve bliss, these amps do sound incredible! 

Hand built at Marshall’s world-class factory in Bletchley, England, the Studio JTM range features finger- jointed cabinets, hand-welded chassis, hand-soldered potentiometers and valve bases, and the highest quality componentry. 

Adorned with period-correct aesthetics from the same metal, red enamel poured “coffin” logo to its fawn fret complete with gold piping and beading, the Studio JTM beautifully nods to the 60s. The combo is one of the shop’s favourite and a serious piece of kit for any studio or artist on the road. 20W with power reduction to 5W switchable from the top panel. 1 with 2 voicing. 4 x 1/4" jack instrument inputs (high/low sensitivity). Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls with High Treble and Normal loudness controls. 5 x 1/4” jack sockets (16Ω load / 8Ω load / 4Ω load) for all possible options of cabinet extensions. Effect Loop send/return with and in/out switch and a DI output. The preamp section has 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter). The power amp section has 2 x 5881 Valves. The speaker is a 1x12” Celestion G12M-65- Creamback (16 Ohm, 65W). The combo weighs 17.8Kg or 39.2Lb. The dimensions are: Width 500mm / 19.7”, Height 460mm / 18.1”, Depth 265mm / 10.4". Comes with a power lead and manual. 


!! This listing is for the Combo only.  

Please see our other listings for the  JTM ST112 1x12 cab. Or the Combo/cab set. 

Check the photos of possible set up with the JTM ST112 1x12 Cab. 


RRP £ 1279,  our price  £ 950

NEW Marshall JTM Studio MKII ST20C

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