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LAZY J - J80 - REV/TREM TWEED 2 x 12 COMBO. In truly excellent condition, here is the info from the website: Like the J 20, the Lazy J 80 has its roots in the 1950 and like its little brother, this amp is a 2 channel, hand built, point to point wired amp. The Lazy J 80 has 4 inputs, 2 for the Normal Channel, and 2 for the Bright Channel, with a Volume control for each one. Looking at the 4 inputs from the back of the amp, the 2 on the right are for the Normal Channel and the 2 on the left are for the Bright Channel. Both inputs labeled 1 have higher gain than the ones labeled 2. The Tone controls (Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence) affect both channels equally. The J 80 is set up with 3 x 12AX7s, 4 x 6L6s and a GZ34 rectifier. This amp delivers 80 watts into its 2x12 cabinet, loaded with Tayden Alnico Ace 25s. The cabinet is built from finger jointed pine and covered with hand aged, lacquered tweed. The J 80 has added, dedicated features that give the user various options to tailor its sound to suit specific requirements. A half power switch/sensitivity control will allow the user to match the amp to smaller rooms where 80 watts would just be too much. A push/pull switch can be activated for additional gain.


!!Get £150 off the website price by purchasing this direct with bank transfer instead of PayPal. eMail/Call for details. 


Collection preferred, can deliver within M25 but please contact us before purchase for International shipping quotes.



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