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1998 Fender 'Crafted In Japan' '67 Stratocaster Natural finish. Fantastic late 90s Strat from the Japanese factory. Ash body and standard late 60s profile maple neck in natural poly finish. This guitar is in very good condition throughout and show minimal sign of wear. The frets do show some minor pitting but nothing major. The guitar has been upgraded with a full Callaham  bridge including saddles and bridge block. The pickups do look like USA standard which it seems it is what they were using on these at the time. They are original to the guitar. The neck and body do date Feb1998. All the wiring is stock and untouched. The nut width is 40mm. The guitar weighs 8.79Lb or 3.98Kg. Comes with a generic rectangular hard shell case. 


1998 Fender CIJ '67 Stratocaster Natural finish with upgrades!

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