1979 Alembic Series 1 


Honduras Mahogany and Medium scale length at 32 & 1/4" inch bass. In excellent condition overall. Maple and purple heart neck with a 24 Fret. Ebony fretboard. Oval inlays and a 44mm nut width. The bass weighs 11Lb or 5Kg. It includes the original low impedance pre amp and chord which is in good working condition. It can also work with 2 x 9v batteries that can be installed in the body and can be played as a conventional bass. This has has a slight mod, the rotary switch has been moved from the horn/cutaway side to in front of the control knobs. All original and in perfect working condition. These instruments are amazing, very powerful and sure hard to find!

Come with the original case, PSU and cables. 


1979 Honduras Mahogany Medium scale Alembic series 1 bass