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Here is an amazing original example of a Gibson Everly Brothers Flat top J180 in factory black. The Gibson Everly Brothers is one of the most iconic acoustic guitars ever produced, with its curvy, jumbo body and long, flowing double pickguards. While it was initially produced in a black finish, a natural finish became optional in 1963 and standard in 1968, there were less than 500 made. This example is from 1968, and still retains all the desirable features of this model. The pick guards are showing some signs of gassing but are still very much intact. The are a few small areas where there is some disintegration. The body finish is in good condition throughout, although on the back of the headstock does show a 2 second stamp. This relates more to an imperfection in the body finish and not the guitar. Structurally the guitar is in good working and playing order. However there is a small split repair on the underside of the body edge about two inches long. The repair is very well done. The wooden bridge saddle has been replaced with a more usable Nylon one.This is not uncommon and does improve the tone. The guitar has had a pro refret and comes with an under saddle piezo pick up. The nut width is the slimmer cut 40 mm and weighs a very comfortable 5.3 Lb or 2.41 Kg. Comes with black Gibson hardshell case.

1968 Gibson Everly Brothers acoustic

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