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1967 Danelectro Vincent Bell Coral Sitar - Textured Bombay Red

Possibly one of the coolest instrument to come out of the 1960's when the founder of the Danelectro Nat Daniels got together with his session musician friend Vincent Bell and together developed the Coral Sitar. 

It was produced under Danelectro's "Coral" brand name, Bell's design was basically an electric guitar that was modified to sound more like a sitar. 

Bell and Daniels developed the 'sitarmatic' bridge for the traditional six strings giving this guitars a unique sound in itself, this combined with a set of 13 drone strings on the bass side of the body, which do respond to the vibrations of the main strings transmitted through the body. This sitar features three great sounding Danelectro 'lipstick' pickups (two for the played strings, one for the drones), independent volume and tone controls for each pickup,  Kluson Deluxe tuners and a floating pickguard with the Vincent Bell Signature logo. Finished in a striking textured crackle red finish called textured Bombay Red, not only it does sound unique but it also does look so. 

Coral and Danelectro stopped making guitars in 1969 meaning original examples were only produced for a few years in the late 60's. This  example is in good and original condition. It does play, well and still has its floating pickguard. Fantastic piece of kit especially in the studio, as used by a lot of artists such as Van Halen. Adrian Utley of Portishead, Wayne Hussey of The Mission and The old Motown studio where many used oner of these. The pots do date 40th week of 1967. In fantastic used but not abused condition throughout, great player and sure a lot of fun!! Comes with a flight case.


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1967 Danelectro Vincent Bell Coral Sitar - Textured Bombay Red

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