1965 Fender Jazz Bass LPB Refin/Stack


For sale this great looking 1965 Fender Jazz Bass refinished in Lake Placid Blue.

It has been reliced but is not over done. 

It has the traces of its original candy apple red finish in the neck pocket.

It has been at some stage in its life a white refinish, this was old and was rubbed down as an undercoat to the blue as it was pleasingly cracked and the cracks have carried through. 

The bridge and tuners are period-correct 1960s, the headstock bushings are original to the neck. 

The electronics are not original but are high quality, the controls have been changed to a stack knob type.

it has Fender vintage noiseless pickups, which sound great, and the stack knob controls are from a Fender USA 62 reissue.

We can swap it to 3-knob set up if you wished, but these controls are just modern CTS ones and don’t look vintage.

The headstock logo obviously isn’t original as the face was refinished. The back of the neck has also been refinished. 

It has a tortoiseshell Spitfire pickguard fitted.

Although the core of the bass is the original parts,  this instrument certainly looks good and plays beautifully. The neck is fast and comfortable, the tone is warm and classic.

It’s a good player’s instrument.

Weighs approx 9lb. 

1965 Fender Jazz Bass LPB Refin/Stack


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