1962 Fender Stratocaster. Great guitar, refinished in Fiesta Red sometime in the late 70s. The pickups are original, the two tone pots (Stackpole) are 9th week of 62, the volume pot has been changed. The wiring has been modified and there is an extra cap on the middle tone pot as what it looks like a treble bleed? Extra screening has been fitted in the pickup cavity. The original 3 way toggle is still present. The pickups read as follow Bridge: 5.7K, middle: 5.91K, neck:5.82K. The guitar has had a professional re-fret by Andy Warnock not so long ago, so the frets are in excellent shape and the playability is superb. A new nut was also put on at this stage to accommodate the new frets. The board has been polished and the clay dots do look like they did when they were new. The fret gauge is standard and not the Jumbo size. The neck is a  is a nice piece of Birds Eye Maple, the profile is slim C and it is stamped March 62.  It has been re-laquered at the back, original hardware and plastics. Fantastic sounding guitar. The guitar weighs :7.7Lb or 3.5g. Nut width is: 43mm. Comes with a later Mustang case. 

1962 Fender Stratocaster refinished in Fiesta Red