1961 Fender Precision Bass in Fiesta Red finish.

The finish on this is original.We believe this to be a Fender without any buff undercoat or Fullerplast yellow. We have seen this on early basses before, but I know it can raise a concern for people who have not seen this.

The other point I would like to clarify is that the bass is not a Selmer refin.I have seen many of these finishes in the UK and most have a grey undercoat which is common nearly all of them.

This was the primer coat that was used on car finishes back in the day. Here are some shots from the luthier that did the re-fret so I did not have to take it apart and I am glad as it does play beautifully and I really did not want to bother it.Internally it is now also all tidy but don’t have new internal photos. 

Serial number #62679

Neck Date 12-61

Volume pot date 304-7216

Tone pot 304-6152

The volume pot is 1972 as you can see.The pickup had a wire replaced.It also had a small repair on the lower side of the neck.

There must have been a some kind of round cover (like Gretsch did) at the back at some stage as you can see the holes.

The bass weighs 8.7lb or 3.98 Kg.Amazing player.

Fantastic sounding.

Comes with a Selmer case.

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1961 Fender Precision Bass in Fiesta Red