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Here we have a very interesting 1960 ES 355 in cherry. The guitar has two original PAF humbuckers. We have inspected the pick up and removed a screw from the underside of each pick up. There is definitely a white coil on each pick up and what looks like a black a coil on the other side. So it looks like a set of Zebra’s. The pickup readings are 8.17 K on the neck pick up 7.52 K on the bridge. They sound great.

The big point here is that it guitar has had the stereo Varitone loom has been removed. However it is all intact and included in the sale. The original bridge, three knobs and pots are also included with guitar. This was a modification for playing and can all be reinstated. We have left it as such for the seller but we can do the refitting as required. The guitar has had a refret and also still has the original ones with it as well. Truss rod is in good working order it also looks like the original nut. It weighs in at 4 Kg or 8.83 Lb. The nut width is 43 mm approximately. The case is an original brown with pink lining.

1960 Gibson ES355 Cherry finish. PAF humbuckers. Varitone removed

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