1959 Fender pre CBS Precision bass in Sunburst finish.

All the wiring looks untouched, the solder joints have never been touched so i we did not need to lift the pickup as it has never come off. 

The pots date 16th week of 59.  

There is no date pencil writing at the bottom of the neck. 

The truss rod is not buried in the neck and works fine. 

The frets are in great shape and the neck is straight. 

The nut width is 44mm.

The width at the 12th fret is 58mm.

Neck thickness at the first fret is 22mm and 27mm at the 12th. 

The pickup reads 11.6K 

The tuners, bridge and pickgurad are correct.

The bass weighs 4KG or 8.8Lb.

We do not have the bridge cover or the pickup cover. 


The case is the original tweed. 

1959 Fender Precision bass in Sunburst finish