This is an amazing Gretsch Electromatic amp from the 1950’s. The amp still has its original Gretsch tweed covering, however over time it has been painted Orange, and then later painted Black. There is evidence that someone has tried to restore it back to tweed but has only managed to take some of the paint from the top edge.
Although it is not cosmetically in good condition, it is in very good working order.
The amp has two elliptical speakers, one of which has been changed, and it has also had a UK 240 volt transformer mounted onto the bottom of the cabinet. The amp weighs around 11 Kg. Cabinet size is 59cm by 19cm by 42cm. One of the speaker has been replaced with the same type although the magnet looks different. There has been a mod to get a DI output directly from the back and the jack socket has been placed on a custom made panel. There is also a Voltage transformer that has been fitted to the chassis for ease of use in the UK. Fantastic sounding amp for both guitar and Harmonica.

1950's Gretsch Electromatic amp